Bitcoin Micro Loans: The Millenial's Answer to Freedom?

Millennials. Boomers hate them but crypto loves them. It’s no secret these young adults have trust issues. They don’t trust the big Wall Street corporations, they don’t trust the banks, they don’t trust the government and they certainly don’t trust the news. But according to a new survey from eToro investment platform, they do trust cryptocurrency. As a result, Bitcoin micro loans are the new cool thing in crypto.


In this survey, released by eToro and research firm Provoke Insights, 1,000 investors in the U.S., aged 20-65 were asked about stocks, crypto, and 401ks. The results were certainly surprising. Of the millennials group, forty-three percent said they trusted cryptocurrency exchanges more than the U.S stock exchanges. Meanwhile, “Gen Xers” overwhelming favored the big establishment, saying that 77 percent would put their faith in the stock market over crypto trading hubs. Due to new features like bitcoin micro loans, it’s easier than ever for millennials to participate in a global ecosystem.


Unlike traditional banks, which have a negative relationship with Millenials who grew up in the 2008 Financial crisis, crypto is new, fresh and accessible. Take Bitcoin micro loans for example. There are no boring forms to fill out, long lines to wait in or stuffy banks to sit in. All it takes is a quick background check on one of these platforms and in minutes, millennials can receive a cash loan using their crypto as collateral. For the serious crypto traders, this convenience is far superior to that of traditional banks. They can keep their crypto assets and watch it grow. Meanwhile, they get a cash loan that avoids traditional banking systems altogether.


With bitcoin microloans on the rise, millennials are looking at which startups offer the best combination of innovation and value. Some out there are no different than the greedy, payday loan services we already know. But on the other hand, there are startups like YouHodler that are truly leading the way for millennial investors. Using BTC, BSV, BCH, LTC, XRP, ETH and more as collateral, investors, and miners can receive a cash loan in minutes. Loan to value ratios are as high as 80% and funds can be withdrawn directly to a bank account, credit/debit card or USDT wallet. This platform also has an attractive affiliate program that allows millennials to make a passive income when referring a friend.

Bitcoin microloans are just one aspect of cryptocurrency that’s attracting the younger generations. As this industry develops, we’ll see it become a part of our daily lives instead of just a fringe investment for the youth.