Apple NO MORE? Faithful Followers Are Leaving?

I remember one vivid story that happened with me several years ago. Back in 2010, I purchased my very first iPhone (iPhone 4). Back in those days, it seemed like one of the greatest purchases I ever made. I enjoyed pretty much everything about this older version of the famous Apple product: the touchscreen, the clear minimalist interface, and the durability.

Not just dependent on product looks and quality, Apple and its representatives seemed extremely friendly to me too. Shortly after purchasing my first iPhone, I dropped it on the concrete ground, and the phone’s front screen badly cracked. When I came to the Apple store (downtown New York) to replace the screen, the store manager asked me to give him a second; the man excused himself for 15 minutes. And, when he returned back to me, the brand new phone, with all of my data backed up, was shining in his hand. The man offered me a new phone FREE of charge. Yes, it happened! The Apple employee genuinely smiled, watching me experiencing happiness and shock.

That was back in those days. Today, the company possesses a completely different image, and this image features Apple as a dominant bully who dictates its own rules to millions of faithful followers.

Falling out of Love with Apple

No longer does Apple offers things for free. The cheapest repair will cost you at least $200. Whether the home button is dodgy, or the phone does not restart, or there is a screen crack, all purchases begin with $200. No longer can I imagine a kind gesture offered by Apple employees… not even in my sweetest dreams.

Rip-Off Accessories

One would argue, “If you drop your phone, you will have to pay. It’s your fault.” Fair enough. But what about the rip-off accessories that are also not included in the default package of new iPhones and MacBooks?

Need a USB adapter for your new MacBook Pro? Pay an extra $19. Need a Multiport Adapter? It will cost you an extra $69. Now, how about a Power Adopter Extension Cable that was included in the default package of the older MacBook Pro package? It is no longer offered for free; you will have to pay an extra $19 for this piece of wire. Apple seems to be becoming greedier by the day.

Apple NO MORE? Faithful Followers Are Leaving? Tim Cook Greedy

From the Biggest Startup to the Biggest Bureaucratic Machine

As Steve left Apple, the bright innovative spirit vanished from the premises of what was once, to me, the greatest company in the world. I used to think that this organization inspired people and gave them a sense of freedom.

Today, Apple is a big corporation, with multiple levels of bureaucracy and a vast number of employees based in locations all over the world. Although it was started by a small group of tech enthusiasts who place innovation first, today creativity doesn’t matter at all for Apple and its representatives. The departments got bigger, the KPIs became more ambitious, and Apple’s concepts got boring and predictable.

No one can blame a business for focusing on profits. However, when the sole purpose of the business is to make money, and not to make products/services worth this money, fortunes take an interesting twist and corporations once successful go bankrupt.