Putin and Russia Will Use Nuclear Bomb to Send Humans to Mars?

Buckle down folks, this one is going to get interesting. GOP frontrunner Donald Trump (yes, that phrase actually exists), has outlined his views on foreign policy. This time, it is not about building a wall on the border or making some other cringeworthy comment. In fact, this time, the Donald is actually saying something logical. Well, kind of. Trump thinks the world should be careful of its nuclear global warming.


While Donald Trump wasn’t exactly clear in his definition of global warming, the general consensus seems to be he’s concerned about nuclear capability in the world. This report comes after Trump outlined his foreign policy views with the New York Times. When asked what he would do in an altercation with another country, he believes using a nuke would be the absolute last resort. That was the logical part of his argument. From there, things start to get a little “Trumpy”.


Trump believes that nuclear capability is the single biggest problem that the world has and not global warming. Instead, what we should be worrying about is the nuclear global warming. Now, this could be interpreted in a number of ways. Is Trump saying that using nukes could cause global warming? Or is saying tensions regarding nuclear weapons are so hot, that it will cause the end of the world in a different way. Either way, he has a point, but his phrasing is always just a bit off.


Besides his thoughts on the warming of the Earth, Trump mentioned several other interesting points in his talk with the New York Times. For one, if he were to become presenting, he would stop buying Saudi oil until they refused to fight the Islamic State. Also, U.S. security forces would be moved from Japan and South Korea if they didn’t start paying for protection. Lastly, Trump said he would not rule out spying on American allies. Say all you want about the Donald, but everyone can agree he is certainly an entertaining person. Crazy, but entertaining.

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