Top 10 Unique Facts about Abraham Lincoln (Part 2)

Many people believe that Abraham Lincoln was the greatest President in the history of the United States. The 16th President of the United States was famous for freeing slaves and actively fighting for the human rights of all Americans. In the previous article, we’ve discussed the first 5 unique things associated with the former President of the United States. This article is the second half of the top 10 unique and informative facts about Abraham Lincoln.

Number 6: Shooting Times

The famous US President was an avid shooter. He personally tested all the weapons and machines used by his Union troops. Firing weapons was illegal in the District of Columbia. Despite this, the former Commander in Chief test-fired rifles and muskets on the premises of the White House.

Number 7: Lincoln Almost Killed During the Civil War

On the day when the President visited the troops at Fort Stevens, the attackers almost killed the Commander in Chief. There was a moment of time when Colonel Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr. (who later became a Supreme Court justice) screamed at Lincoln, making him duck down and quickly leave the battlefield.

Number 8: Illinois Is Not the Land of Lincoln

Illinois is supposed to be the Land of Lincoln. However, Illinois is not where the 16th President was born. Abraham Lincoln was born in Kentucky. At the age of 17, he moved to Ohio with his family. He moved to Illinois only when he turned 21 (1830).

Number 9: Abraham’s Mother Died of a Mysterious Disease

Abraham Lincoln’s mother died of a mysterious sickness that came shortly after she drank milk. No one could understand what the mysterious sickness was. It turned out that the milk came from a cow who had ingested poisonous snakeroot.

Number 10: Lincoln Never Slept in His Bedroom

The 16th President never slept in what is now called the Lincoln Bedroom. He used that room of the White House as his office. In Lincoln Bedroom, he met with his cabinet members. He also signed the Emancipation Proclamation there.

Top 10 Unique Facts about Abraham Lincoln (Part 2)

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