Russian Experts Called American Journalists Stupid Putin and Russia Will Use Nuclear Bomb to Send Humans to Mars?

A Russian expert shames American journalists because we are in the midst of a new cold war with Russia. And presidential candidate Donald Trump is doing all he can to pull us from a nuclear war. Stephen F. Cohen, a professor of Russian studies at prestigious NYU and Princeton told CNN American journalists are misleading people. The Donald is guilty of saying and doing some pretty wild stuff. However, is he really trying to pull America out of the nuclear fire?

Russian expert explains how American media is fueling war; they may also be ruining America

Cohen spoke with a CNN reporter about the new cold war, Russian politics, and the American media. He noted how the media is pulling this year’s election in a weird and false direction. The media seems to be focusing solely on antics, rather than the real agenda. This could spiral the country into a new cold war says Cohen, because the media is making Trump look like a spy or double agent with Russia.

American journalists focus on Russian ties; is Trump a spy making deals with Russia?

Much of the American media coverage about Trump’s Russian connection is coming from the Clinton team. They want him to seem like an agent who is in Putin’s pocket. However, he may be trying to do the impossible, because working with Russia may be a good thing. Cohen said we are nearing a nuclear war and the media is simply ignoring it. Trump, however, is not. But the media is more worried about twisting words into sexist or racist things, and this leaves America at risk.

Media has too much power and a nuclear war may be the result

When a jury is selected for a trial, they normally have little to no understanding of the case from outside sources. This allows them to make the most informed decision, in theory. American politics, however, is not as simple or protected. People are fed s**t for nearly a year. Usually what the media wants them to hear, and a Russian war may be the end result. The media’s power is stronger than ever, and with the mass amount of online information, it will continue to grow. But our political process and country may suffer.

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