Top 10 Unique and Informative Facts about Abraham Lincoln (Part 1)

Abraham Lincoln left an enormous mark in the history of the United States and of the world. The 16th President of the United States is known for his Emancipation Proclamation and many other great deeds. However, there are a lot of things of which we believe you are not aware. In this post, you will read the first half of the top 10 unique and informative facts about Abraham Lincoln.

Number 1: Abraham the Wrestler

The Wrestling Hall of Fame honors Lincoln. As a teenager, young Abraham was an avid wrestler who won over 300 matches and got defeated only 1 time. There was a time when Abraham Lincoln challenged the entire crowd of spectators to get up on stage and try him. However, there was nobody who was willing to take that challenge.

Number 2: Secret Service

Abraham Lincoln was the creator of Secret Service. Ironically, several hours after the official creation of Secret Service, John Wilkes Booth assassinated the iconic President.

Although the original idea of the Secret Service was to battle currency counterfeiting, the law enforcement agency could have saved the life of the Commander in Chief if it was created a little bit earlier.

Number 3: Lincoln’s Tomb

In 1876, a group of maniacs tried to break into Lincoln’s tomb to steal his body. The group of hooligans had planned to hold the corpse of the former President and later exchange it for $200,000. Ironically, a single padlock prevented the gang from stealing Lincoln’s body. Secret Service agents disrupted the operation just in time. After the incident, Abraham Lincoln’s body received a better grave covered by a steel cage.

Number 4: Lincoln’s Killer Saved the President’s Son

The famous actor and assassin of the 19th century, John Booth, saved Abraham Lincoln’s son shortly before killing Lincoln. It happened when Robert Todd Lincoln was waiting for a train in Jersey City and suddenly fell on the railroad track. John Booth saved the young man, shortly before the train hit him.

Number 5: Lincoln the Creative Inventor

Abraham Lincoln was the first President of the United States who obtained a patent. Lincoln’s creative mind helped him invent a method for keeping boats afloat while crossing shallow waters. By connecting empty metal air containers to the sides of boats, Lincoln’s invention helped ships avoid shallow water obstacles. Lincoln’s patent number is 6469 (1849).

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