China To Beat NASA in The Moon Race

Step aside Russia, the Chinese are about to show you how to beat NASA in Space Race 2.0. Estimates show that China will likely beat the U.S. in the next trip to the Moon.

Will China Beat NASA in the Moon Race?


Whether it is a lack of interest by NASA or a lack of skill, either way, China will likely be beating the U.S. space agency in as little as five to ten years. Russia and the European Space Agency have also expressed lunar interest, but they too will see defeat at the hands of the Chinese.

For reasons unknown, China sees some kind of value on the Moon and it looks like Xi Jinping will make their mark sooner than anyone else. Apparently, this is fine with NASA. The agency has not objected to a Chinese presence on the lunar surface. In fact, they see it as a symbolic representation of passing the torch.


With NASA no longer showing interest in the Moon, it seems the U.S. Space Agency will be passing the torch to China. The Chinese landing on the surface will automatically grant China all lunar responsibilities. NASA, on the other hand, has much more on its plate. In classic American fashion, the space agency has taken it upon themselves to create a permanent presence in space. Targets like Mars and near-Earth asteroids are larger topics of interest to the U.S. Thus, NASA seeks to pursue them diligently. Many people believe that a return to the Moon for the U.S. is highly unlikely due to the nation’s other priorities in space.


Another trip to the lunar rock is exactly what politicians in the U.S. don’t want. If this is attempted and failed, the space community will be outraged. By focusing attention on Mars, politicians can keep this community occupied without technically failing. Since the goal is so far into the future, no one’s career will be jeopardized due to a nonachievement. China, as a communist country, isn’t as likely to get caught up in such political games. They see a great deal of value in a lunar landing and they will pursue it relentlessly.

China To Beat NASA in The Moon Race