Marijuana and Judaism: 5 things you didn’t know

Religion and marijuana go together like vegans and McDonalds. At least, this is what folks used to think. Nowadays, a lot of churches are beginning to include this controversial substance in some of their orthodox traditions. One such example is Judaism. Below is the list of top 5 things you didn’t know about Marijuana and Judaism.

Cannabis and Judaism 1: ROSH HASHANA

The Jewish New Year Rosh Hashanah is celebrated with a great feast. Oftentimes, weed is not included on the list of dishes. However, the times are changing now. Jewish people begin using marijuana to add a new feature to the table.

Cannabis and Judaism 2: Marijuana And Jews Go Way Back

Pot and Jews go back far. Really far. Apparently, the Jewish people used to smoke pot in ancient Egypt. Ancient Pharoahs were even buried with the plant. Furthermore, it’s kosher, so everyone wins. Granted, Jews were mostly slaves back then, so times were tough.

Cannabis and Judaism 3: Marijuana For Jews Recipe Book

That’s right, the demand for pot in the Jewish community is so high that pot chef JeffThe420Chef recently released a cookbook. While not all recipes are pot-themed Sabbath meals, there are plenty of options to include in the upcoming Jewish holiday.

Cannabis and Judaism 4: Jews Love Apples With Cannabis

It is traditional for Jewish people to sip slices of apples into honey to encourage a sweet New Year. However, JeffThe420Chef puts a unique spin on it. By using weed-infused honey, you can easily incorporate the herb into your holiday meal without a weird taste.

Cannabis and Judaism 5: Not ALL Jews Love Marijuana

If you plan to dose the party with a little extra herb this holiday season, make sure to let everyone know. Some people may not handle pot well (or love it). Have the party responsibly and make sure to use edible doses (10mg).

Marijuana and Judaism: 5 things you didn’t know