Russian Experts Called American Journalists Stupid Putin and Russia Will Use Nuclear Bomb to Send Humans to Mars?

Russia never fails to entertain with its wild ambitions. Give Russians some credit, though, the guys surely know how to dream big. Their latest dreams go far beyond beating Rocky in the ring or Americans at hockey. This time around, Putin thinks he can send a man to Mars in just 45 days and he looks to do so on a nuke. Apparently, Vladimir Putin Will Use Nuclear Bomb to Send Humans to Mars!

How To Send Humans to Mars? What is The Fastest Option?

Despite the extreme temperatures, desolate landscape, and possible violent Martian population, there is one aspect of going to Mars that is worse than all of them combined. The wait. Eighteen long months of playing solitaire, talking to old pictures of yourself and singing “Bohemian Rhapsody” over and over is no fun for anyone. Thankfully, Russia aims to get you to Mars faster than you can say Novocheboksarsk. In just a month and a half, you can be basking in the radiation filled glory of Mars. If cancer there won’t get you, perhaps the nuclear ride will.

Russia Will Use Nuclear Engine to Send Humans to Mars

In 2025 Russia hopes to have a prototype of its nuclear engine that will reach Mars in 45 days. Why the long wait? Sadly, it’s money. Times are tough for our friends in the great white north, but at least, they have the technology. Yes, Russia somewhat mastered their nuclear jargon during the Cold War. As they should. With all this technology lying around, they aim to put it to a better use. Instead of blowing up the world, they seek to explore others with nuclear thermal technology. This technology is surely more powerful than what we use now for space travel. However, the amount of fuel you need is quite a bit greater. For this reason, complications arise.

Putin Faces Complications Related to Nuclear Bomb Space Travel

In America, the obvious case against nuclear fuel is seen in our politics. It would take quite a bit of convincing to get NASA to swing that way. Russia, on the other hand, is undeterred by such regulations. It’s not just a matter of building rockets that can sustain the ridiculous amount of weight caused by the fuel and raising the money to do it. Russians need an estimated 15 billion rubles ($700 million) for the project. As we all know, nothing in Russia grows on trees, especially money. Still, Putin continues on with his goal. Land based test will be done by 2018. From there, let’s just hope they don’t mess it up.

Putin and Russia Will Use Nuclear Bomb to Send Humans to Mars?