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Hello, Mr. Trump. My name is Ivan Kv. I am an entrepreneur. But most importantly, I am a proud Russian-American, a citizen of the United States who loves his country. Today I have a message for you.

Mr. Trump, I voted for you back in November of 2016. I liked your idea of creating jobs in this beautiful country, cutting taxes, and making better trade deals. You are indeed a very colorful man, but you gained my respect for being honest in your thoughts and beliefs. I liked the idea that you were willing to collaborate with foreign leaders, including Russian President Vladimir Putin, and improve the relationship between the United States of America and Russia.

Several days ago, you dropped 49 missiles on Syria in response to the terrible crime that was committed by the Syrian President, Bashar Al-Assad. Sure, the chemical attack was terrible; it took lives of about 100 humans. However, your actions put the lives of millions of people at risk. And here is why.

Vladimir Putin has a high ego as well as you do, Mr. President. The next time you strike Syria, Putin will strike back. The Russian President will never leave Syria, and you know it. He has interests in keeping an alliance with Bashar Al-Assad at whatever cost. Even if 100 more chemical bombs explode in Syria, the Russian President will never admit his involvement, and he will never leave Syria.

Russia lost many allies in the Middle East, and Putin will not make the same mistakes again, even if it means another World War. Russia will fight against globalization. And you, in turn, will make Americans spill blood because of your recklessness.

My parents and other family members live in Belarus. In fact, my entire family lives in Belarus and Russia, right on the border with NATO: Poland, Latvia, and Lithuania. By the way, I have a lot of friends in Poland as well. If World War 3 begins, my relatives will be the ones who will take the first blow upon themselves; they will be in serious danger. I, as a U.S. citizen, will be asked to fight against my parents, brothers, and sisters.

Let me remind you of something.

Over 20 million people died in the Soviet Union during World War 2, many of whom were civilians. Every 4th person died in Belarus (the country where I was born). This number includes all of my great-grandfathers. There were no men left in the country.

Mr. Trump, I don’t care about you and frankly, I don’t care about Putin either. I care about peace in the world. I love America, as well as American people who work hard and show the world a great example of what life should be like. I like Russian people too. They are very empathetic and intelligent.

So, I am asking you. As the leader of this country, please stick to your promises. Don’t allow the American elite to fool you, and don’t get involved in another war. Keep us safe. We live in the era of new discoveries. Instead of fighting for a share of the land in the Middle East, let’s focus on exploring new horizons. Mars has a lot of land. Let’s get together. And along with Russia and China, let’s send humans to Mars.