North Korea and ISIS On the Same Page On Military Technology

As a show power and force, a U.S. B-52 bomber flew over the border of North Korea and South Korea in response to the successful nuclear test in Pyongyang. The bomber is capable of carrying and delivering nuclear weapons. It was perceived as a threat to the North. Kim Jong Un has been implementing measures that are oddly like ISIS techniques when it comes to military technology and politics.

North Korea and ISIS On the Same Page On Military Technology

North Korea and Nuclear Bomb Test

Ever since the news broke out, it brought more stress to the world. South Korean intelligence has its doubts about the truth behind the NK statements. Nevertheless, a South Korean F-15 bomber and an American F-16 joined the display of force. All of the planes returned to the Guam base after the flight.

North Korea Military Technology and The United States

Regardless of the meaning of the demonstration, the United States means to clarify their alliance with South Korea and Japan. The North Korean announcement is a clear violation of the nation’s international obligations. The US did only what it had to retaliate. As for North Korea, the government claims that it needs the nuclear weapon to ensure the safety of the nation.

This is classic North Korean political media at its best. Whether or not the test was actually carried out, this is meant to be a test to claim the loyalty of more people. The world is awfully familiar with this kind of tactic, most recently with ISIS.

ISIS Uses The Same Tactics as North Korea

The Islamic State is notorious for using criticism as a tool to gain support from more people. This makes ISIS leaders seem like they are defending jihad rather than propagating violence and terrorism. ISIS takes responsibility for many attacks, though they didn’t always conduct them. The hate that comes after taking responsibility is what they use to recruit more people.

North Korea and ISIS vs. The World

The response from the US, South Korea, and Japan should be taken very seriously. When it comes to nuclear weapons, the world is aware of what the United States can do. ISIS is a global enemy because it threatens the lives of people across every continent. North Korea is no different.