Top 5 Websites That Are Worse than BuzzFeed and CNN

Fake news sites publish hoaxes to profit from their readers’ credulity. It’s not a secret that BuzzFeed and CNN are some of the most notorious publications to practice this method. A simple example would include the fake report by BuzzFeed, according to which “the Russians filmed D. Trump having Russian prostitutes urinate in a hotel room previously occupied by B. Obama.” While the aforementioned publications have a dubious reputation, there are sources that are even worse. Below is the list of top 5 websites that are worse than BuzzFeed and CNN.

Top 5 Websites That Are Worse than BuzzFeed and CNN is Worse than BuzzFeed and CNN

Owned by J. Coler, this site is a clone of ABC News. A stolen logo, design, and similar URL confuse people into believing that they are visiting a legitimate source. is Worse than BuzzFeed and CNN (now inactive) was designed to mimic the Bloomberg publication. In one of their fake reports, the editors of announced that Twitter had received a takeover offer in the form of $31 billion. That, in turn, dropped the price of TWTR by 8%.

Celebtricity is Worse than BuzzFeed and CNN

The fake stories featured on Celebtricity are simply hilarious. As an example, in one of the articles featured by this “dirty” publication, the editors claimed that “an employee at a Wendy’s put vaginal discharge on a burger as revenge against a partner.” Seriously?

Stuppid is Worse than BuzzFeed and CNN

Stuppid is different from the prior three publications, as it focuses mostly on stories that are morally offensive. No one knows for sure, but according to the rumors, this website was created by a mentally disabled person.

InfoWars is Worse than BuzzFeed and CNN

Managed by “Lunatic” Alex Jones, InfoWars features a lot of fake news. In one of its reports, Infowars claimed that the “Democratic Party was hosting a child sex slave ring out of a pizza restaurant.”