Why Einstein-Looking Male Scientists are Treated Better Than Female Scientists

A study from the British Medical Journal reveals that there are more Einstein-looking guys with mustaches than women in the American medical world. Sexism in science and medicine is still a relevant topic and a very serious one. This gives it a kind of funny twist.

Sexism in America: There Are More Men with Facial Hair than Women in Medicine

Facial hair isn’t that common in the United States. According to the research, only 15% of men in the US have mustaches.

The study was conducted by a team with members from the University of Pennsylvania, Berkeley Law, and the University of California San Francisco. Women used to be scarce in med school, but in recent years, women cover half of most classes. Because of this increase, you would expect more of them to find ways into positions of power. That is not the case.

Mustache Index in the Medical World

In medicine academics, only 38% of full-time faculty are women. 16% are professors, and 16% are deans.

The mustache index, as defined by the team, is the ratio of women to men with facial hair. Of 1,018 leaders considered in the study, 190 had mustaches. 130 were women. Most of them were in the ob-gyn, pediatrics, dermatology, family medicine and emergency medicine fields. Mustaches were most common in psychiatry, pathology, and anesthesiology. 10 other specialties had over 20% mustached men or more. In a humorous note, the aforementioned study states that ‘every department and institution should strive for a mustache index ≥1.’

This Study Does Not Come Without Limitations

There are clear drawbacks to this study. First of all, classifying mustaches might be misleading. Data was taken only from institutional websites, which may not be up-to-date. There’s also a chance that some mustaches can be fake. However, this study can inspire some solid research. There seems to be gender inequality in medicine and science.

The Study Doesn’t Suggest Shaving, Just A Closer Look At the Societal Standards

The researchers encourage medical institutions to consider qualified girls for the positions that men have held on to for so long. This might bring positive changes for young women in the medical field.

This research can also bring to light policies against sexual harassment in medicine and science. Family leave and strong mentoring programs can change the face of the medical world. There is obvious corporate involvement in all hospitals, but politics should work in favor of both men and women. You do not have to be Einstein to know this.

Surely This is Not What Albert Einstein Wanted for the World

Medical schools and all universities are changing.While this study is released as part of a series of offbeat peer-reviewed pieces, it is perfectly legitimate and highly relevant. There are more women going into STEM majors and more women in positions of power. Women should have the chance to go into fields with a fair chance of being successful. Sexism is a very serious issue in America and all over the world.

Why Einstein-Looking Male Scientists are Treated Better Than Female Scientists