Can Violent Video Games Inspire Violent Behaviour in Real Life?

It can seem logical that playing violent video games will spark aggression. However, not everybody supports this conclusion. The American Psychological Association representatives took a deep look into more than 300 violent games. Here is what they found out.

The Dangers of Violent Video Games

According to the research, more than 85% of all video games on the market is violent. What is concerning is that the majority of games are designed for children and teenagers.

Video Games – The Bad

After conducting the research, many specialists came to the conclusion that violent games contribute to increases of terrible crime acts such as mass homicide. According to this group of people, playing violent games is a starting point for those in search of moralistic goals. But are we certain enough to claim that Call Of Duty or GTA 5 can turn an innocent child into a killer?

Video Games – The Good

The is a group of academics that firmly disagrees with the aforementioned conclusion. Over 230 specialists expressed their concerns in an open letter regarding the methodology of the research and its inconsistency. According to this group of people, the research conducted by APA is “misleading,” as the significant decline in societal violence over the years directly disproves the claims made by APA.

Can Video Games Spark Violence?

According to Dr. Mark Coulson, games like GTA and Call of Duty might pump you a bit. But it doesn’t mean that one is going to go and kill someone. The situation with violent games is very complex and more research is required.


Over 90% of all kids in the United States play video games. 97% of these children range from 12 to 17 years old.

What do you think about the available PS4 and Xbox games on the market today? Should the government impose any restrictions on video game production companies?

Can Violent Video Games Inspire Violent Behaviour in Real Life?