T-Mobile And Scam: 5 Things You Didn’t Know

Telecommunication and technology quickly advance in the modern world. However, as new developments emerge, negatives associated with it come along. Of late, spammers and scam calls became a common issue among telephone users.

Most of the pre-recorded messages are associated with marketing campaigns. In some cases, the government uses telerobots to deliver public service and emergency announcements. Thus, it’s hard to separate the “good” calls from the “bad” ones.

T-Mobile Plans

No doubts, spammy calls and robocalls can be annoying. This is why T-Mobile is working hard to prevent its customers from being “attacked” by the machines. Recently, the company has announced plans to begin notifying T-Mobile subscribers about phone calls coming from a scammer. The reports indicate that the carrier is planning to use the technology able to detect suspicious caller ID that will be marked as ‘Scam Likely.’ This will give the subscriber a heads up before he/she chooses to answer the call.

Besides providing alerts, T-Mobile is also planning to enable subscribers to block all the scam calls. This will prevent the calls from reaching the phones entirely. There are numerous things that are currently changing. And below is the list of 5 Facts you Didn’t Know about T-Mobile and Scam.

T-Mobile And Scam: 5 Things You Didn’t Know

1. Common Telephone Scams

As mentioned before, telephone scams are no joke. And that is why T-Mobile is not taking this issue lightly. Just to mention, scammers target millions of telephone users annually. As a result, many people become victims.

  • Free vacations and prizes

This type of phone calls come in a simple and relaxed way. You (the victim) get a voicemail from an unknown number. The voicemail: “Congratulations! You have won a trip/free cruise to the Bahamas! Claim your reward by….”. If you don’t raise the red flag before the message is over, you become a victim of a fake travel agency’s scam.

  • Phishing Scams

This is the second category of scammers T-Mobile promises to protect you from. The phone robot warns you about an urgent issue related to your computer. Once you are convinced to get your PC or Mac fixed, the scammer makes you install some malicious software that will later steal private information from your computer.

  • Loan Scams

Be it an auto loan, a small business loan, a payday loan or a student loan, always be on the lookout. The loan scammers have intentions to getting your personal information.

  • Phony Debt Collectors

Individuals with debts suffer a lot from this type of scammers. Before providing the scammer with your personal information, confirm the creditor’s name, check the company’s information, and google the phone number.

  • Fake Charities

Many people would like to help out. Sadly, scammers have not left this segment without attention. Fake charities collected thousands of dollars to “help” local police departments and nonprofit organizations.

2. Who Will Benefit?

T-Mobile is the first company that began offering anti-scam services. The company’s subscribers believe that the new feature is promising.

3. How Much Will The Service Cost?

A lot of folks speculate whether the service is going to be 100% free. The company assures that all T-Mobile customers will be happy. However, noone knows for sure. A lot will depend on your phone plan.

4. How Will The Service Work?

T-Mobile will be constantly updating its database with scam phones. In addition, the company will be monitoring and detecting new scam call patterns. Once the data is analyzed, the fraudulent numbers will automatically get labeled as “Scam.”

5. Any Benefits Of The Program?

Scammers took a lot of advantages of innocent people in the past. Fear no more. T-Mobile is there to protect you from potentially dangerous individuals.

Just to mention, one of the infamous phone scams was the IRS scam which has swindled approximately $14 million since October 2013. No longer it’s going to happen.


Some people depend on phone scams and robocalls for a living. It is a bad vice in the society that should be eradicated. T-Mobile has certainly introduced a prudent idea to deal with scam calls. Today, you have something to smile about.

T-Mobile And Scam: 5 Things You Didn’t Know