What is Tesla Model Y?

For car and motor aficionados, identifying exquisite car models such as Tesla isn’t a difficult task. Currently, numerous car models are aiming to satisfy the increasing market demands. Various manufacturers are also venturing into producing a series of brands to broaden customer choices and attract masses into buying their brands.

Tesla is one of the few companies that offer the best vehicles on the market. When it comes to affordability, fuel consumption, and maintenance, Tesla has your back.

What is Tesla?

Tesla is an automobile company that specializes in transportation and energy. Under its division, ‘Tesla Motors,’ it sells vehicles and stationary battery packs. The American automaker was founded in 2003 by various experts. Besides Elon Musk, the list of experts includes Martin Eberhard, Marc Tarpenning, and JB Straubel.

Car Models

Currently, the company has produced a series of vehicle brands. The most popular cars are Tesla Roadster, Model X, and Model S. By the end of 2016, the company sold over 186,000 electric cars worldwide. It happened after the introduction of the first model, Roadster in 2008, which uplifted the company’s status in the car manufacturing industry. Below is a sequence of Tesla’s production series and installments. Tesla Motors is now the second largest international pure electric car assembly company following Renault and Nissan alliance.

With approximately 50,600 car sales worldwide by 2015, Tesla joined the likes of BYD Auto becoming the second best in legally accredited light duty plug-in electric motor vehicles. However, in terms of revenue from sales, Tesla led with approximately US $6.35 billion in 2016 compared to BYD who garnered $3.88. In September 2016, Tesla set the record with over 13,000 combined monthly sales of the Tesla models. Let’s take a look at the top 5 Tesla Models.

1. Tesla Roadster

This is Tesla’s very first all-electric sports car. Actually, it was the first highway capable all-electric automobile in the United States for sale. It was also the first automobile to use a lithium-ion battery. If that’s not enough for you, Roadster was the first vehicle to travel more than 320 kilometers on battery electricity. Tesla introduced the prototype of this vehicle back in July 2006. As a result, Tesla received the ‘Best Inventions – Transportation Invention’ award in 2006. The company officially began its production on March 17th, 2008.

Tesla began producing right-hand-drive Roadsters in January 2010 for countries such as UK and Ireland. Sales of these vehicles began in 2010. Production for this model stopped in early 2012 after Tesla’s contract for the supply of Lotus Elise Gliders expired. As a result, the company stopped taking orders for this model in August 2011. The production of the next generation of Roadster will begin in 2019.

Tesla Roadster’s Features

On average, Roadster has a range of 394 kilometers per charge. Although in 2009, Simon Hackett ran an experiment and drove the car for 504 km on a single charge. The car was capable of accelerating to 97km/h within 4 seconds. The top speed is 201 km/h.

2. Model S

Production for this model was announced by the company executives in June 2008. Production followed, and retail deliveries began in June 2012 in the US. In Europe, the first delivery was in 2013. In China, it was 2014. The first right-hand deliveries in UK, Hong Kong, and Australia for Model S began in 2014. Later, the company slightly improved the Model S design to resemble the Model X. Sequentially, various versions were available. Some of the versions include Model S 70, 70D, 75, 75D, 90 and 90D.

Tesla Motors sold over 2,650 Model S cars in the North America during the period of 2012. By 2013, Model S was the top-selling full-size luxury automobile in the US. By 2014, 31,655 units of this vehicle had been sold worldwide making Model S the second best-selling electric vehicle after the Nissan Leaf. However, it achieved this status and became the worlds’ best-selling electric sedan in 2015 with 50,446 units sold. It also ranked as the best-selling plug-in electric vehicle in the US the same year. In addition, Model S also ranked the best-selling electric car globally in 2016 with 50,931 units sold. As of December 2016, Model S became the second most sold electric car after the Nissan Leaf with more than 158,000 units sold.

The United States became the world’s leading market for the Model S. The company sold over 92,317 units through December 2016. In overseas markets, Norway led with 11,802 units. Model S also became the first electric car brand ever to top the rankings of monthly sales in any country. As a result, some of the awards won by this model include the 2013 World Green Car, Automobile Magazine’s 2013 car of the year, and Motor Trend Car of the Year 2013.

3. Model X

This is a full-size SUV that was unveiled in February 2012. Deliveries of this model began in September 2015. Initially, Tesla planned to begin the production of Model X in 2013 but it later rescheduled the date to 2014.

Like its predecessor model, Model X performed outstandingly in the market sales. Just to mention, it was ranked the best-selling electric sedan in Norway in 2016.

4. Tesla Model 3

This is the third-generation car from Tesla. Its codename is Bluestar. Tesla Motors was planning to name this model Model E. However, the trademark issues, Ford forced Tesla to change the name.

Tesla Model 3 is all electric and it’s estimated to have a range of 350 km. The vehicle production will begin in 2017, possibly July. After unveiling the prototype for this model on March 31st, 2016, potential customers were able to reserve their spots. Following this, Elon Musk, the CEO, reported that 325000 people made reservations. Quite impressive, huh?

5. Tesla Model Y – Future of Tesla

In October 2015, Musk revealed a future model from the company dubbed Model Y. According to Musk, the new model will combine the Model 3 and Model X features. Thus, the result would help the company create a cheaper utility vehicle with falcon-wing doors. According to Musk, this car would be efficient and affordable.

With the announcements, many people believe that this compact SUV will quickly follow the Model 3 production. And this is in line with the ambitious Tesla’s plans, which plans to have more than 500,000 vehicles by 2018 and hit a 1 million mark by 2020. Much of the information regarding the model Y has not been let out to the public yet though.

Prototypes of this vehicle will be out soon. Tesla enthusiasts can only imagine what a collabo of the Model 3 and Model X will look like. Despite the anticipation, Musk confirmed in a tweet that production plans for this model are still ‘a few years away.’

What is Tesla Model Y?


Dealing with the stiff competition in the automobile manufacture sector is relatively challenging. With innovations and new designs, making the best is what every company aspires to. Thus, Tesla has risen to be among the decorated automobiles, lithium ion batteries, and solar panels. With imminent success over their recent productions, the company is certainly in line and at par to achieve their 1 million cars produced by 2020. Tesla’s latest model, Model Y, is something we all are definitely waiting for.