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Have you ever heard someone complaining that their apartment “reeked of weed” from their neighbor’s joint?

Some people from Oregon brought an unusual neighborhood complaint to the Court of Appeals: the smell of weed was – to say the least – “unsatisfying.” But the court ruled earlier this week that while fragrances such as rotten eggs and raw sewage are “objectively unpleasant,” marijuana doesn’t necessarily smell that bad.

What Does Marijuana Smell Like? A “Physically Offensive” smell?

“We are not prepared to declare that the smell of weed smoke is equivalent to the fragrance of garbage. Indeed, some people undoubtedly find the odor pleasing,” the appeals court declared.

“Who determines whether a particular smell is offensive?” the appeals court added. “Although some smells are objectively unpleasant (raw sewage or rotten eggs), others are more subjective in nature.”

What Does Marijuana Smell Like? Weed Smoke Not That Nasty

The appeals court decided that it couldn’t declare the smell of weed smoke offensive. They explained that a fragrance that is excessively intense and continued could be regarded as offensive – regardless of its nature. Yet according to Oregon Live, the odor in this case was regarded as “subjective” and dependent on the “duration, intensity, or frequency” of the smokers’ habits.

If you consume weed “like a chimney” you might want to obtain a smoke sucker or something. While for those who believe that the right to consume cannabis does not grant the right to be a bad neighbor, the following are several ways to resolve smelly issues.

Ways to Clear the Air

According to the Denver Post, you may always call the city’s smell police. Complaints related to weed are not uncommon, according to Denver’s Department of Environmental Health. However, accusations usually stem from industrial-level odors. Thus, there are just a few cases from the consumption or cultivation of weed at a household level.

The best option is probably to just communicate the issue with your neighbor, who probably didn’t even know that you could smell his or her weed from your futon.