5 Real-Life Game of Thrones Scenarios on YouTube

Game of Thrones is known for its brutal violence and cunning plot lines (among other things). While we have George R.R. Martin to thank for all of that, he did not act alone. In fact, GoT is greatly influenced by significant moments in history. That just goes to show how evil mankind can really be. Even today, such acts of deceit, treachery and manipulation are found all over the world. Just a quick search on YouTube or Google will show your these real-life examples. Let’s look at five of them.


Remember famous wrestler Stone Cold Steve Austin? While he certainly isn’t “Rock” famous, he still has a career in media (somewhat). In this particular YouTube clip, Steve Austin asks media personality Paul Heyman about a Jewish monopoly. Heyman answers the question with a touch of humor and cynicism but there is a deeper meaning to this concept. Do Jews run the world? Some people say yes and that they’re doing so in a Game of Thrones type of strategy.

Paul Heyman said it himself in the Youtube video. While Steve Austin deals with conflict using brute force, most Jews tend to make their way with financial dealings. Compare this to the mastermind of Tyrion Lannister in Game of Thrones. Being a dwarf, Tyrion can not defend himself in a physical contest. However, he is intelligent and wealthy. Hence, he uses these qualities to manipulate those around him and ultimately gain control of the situation. One theory compares Jewish people to this same scenario in Game of Thrones.

Jewish people are famous for owning a large amount of Hollywood. It’s here they make their money to buy media outlets. With these media outlets, they utilize propaganda to influence the world culture and ideals. Furthermore, some say that the Israeli government controls U.S. foreign policy, which we all know, is vast. While Steve Austin never touched on all of this in the YouTube clip, it’s a popular theory showing that Jews might just have a place in Game of Thrones.


Looking at number one, the Jewish people avoid brute force. Hence, they use wit and currency to win their personal Game of Thrones. So what about the Italian Mafia then? Is the Italian mafia similar to GoT? Funny enough, there are some similarities to the mafia and Game of Thrones. Check out this Youtube video for example.

In the video, we get a short, but comprehensive look at the New York City mafia. Since the 1950-1990’s, they dominated the waste disposal business. Since New York has private companies to remove waste, the mafia eventually took over the business with extortion tactics. Hence, they could charge businesses enormous rates. They lied, they bribed and they murdered their way to wealth for over 50 years. Well, unfortunately for the mafia, this fantasy eventually came to an end. According to the Youtube video, the plan all came crashing down after one agent went undercover. On a side note, here’s a good though Seeing as the Sopranos and Game of Thrones are both HBO productions, how about a little crossover sometime? Just a thought.


The “battle” of black vs white has a long tradition in literary forms all over the world. Of course, Game of Thrones utilizes this concept as well. However, Game of Thrones mixes it up a bit. Usually, white represents purity or innocence in most cultures. Just look at the majority of cultures. They use white in weddings and in many western films bad guys always wear black. When you think of witches, they are always wearing black where fairies are white. Darth Vader? Black. Luke? White. Heck, they even call it the dark side. This is not so in Game of Thrones, though. In Game of Thrones, the White Walkers are bad. Winter is the time of evil. Meanwhile, Jon Snow and the ‘bastards’ all wear black to protect the kingdom from the White Walkers. In real life, similar battle wages on.

Just check Youtube for any mention of black vs. white. Odds are, you will come across something regarding race. For years, the black people of America faced a lower quality of life. They still do, too. While they have more rights than years past, they still face all sorts of discrimination. White vs. black is a more romantic battle in Game of Thrones. However, in reality, that is not the case. These YouTube videos bring to light just how far we have to go in racial equality. It’s sad that we even have to watch Youtube to understand that. The facts are in front of us every day.


Just like George R.R. Martine uses the classic battle of black vs. white, he also uses the most classic battle of good vs. evil. This battle is found everywhere. From the do and cats outside your door to the violent wars overseas, everyone loves this timeless debate. When it comes to the real life battle of good and evil, there are countless examples to choose from. However, perhaps the biggest one is Russia vs. America. The Cold War ended years ago but according to Youtube, tensions are still high. In fact, you don’t even need YouTube to figure that out. Just a basic knowledge of history shows that.

Russia and America are like real life versions of The Lannister family and the Stark family. One represents good and the other, evil. However, the lines are often blurred. Who is really telling the truth? Is Russia evil? Is America lying? According to YouTube both of these are true. Russia manipulates their relationship with America all the time. For example, they know about their political lies and essentially blackmailed Hillary Clinton. Some say this is the reason they won. Russia and Trump seem to have a good relationship. So did Russia use a Game of Thrones tactic to get Trump to the White House throne? While that’s hard to prove, there is a myriad of Youtube theories suggesting that. In Classic Game of Thrones fashion, perhaps we will see Trump be the puppet ruler of the world while Russia (Tyrion Lannister) rules from behind the evil scenes.


Any YouTube video will show you that ISIS are barbarians, however, they are far from the barbarians in Game of Thrones. They are much more sophisticated than that. Ok, let’s forget the fact that ISIS takes place in a completely different time period than Game of Thrones. What these YouTube videos show is the overall message of ISIS. ISIS is not the Dothraki of Game of Thrones. They don’t run around with horses, pillaging, and raping. That’s what some people think of ISIS. However, it’s simply not true.

Look at their YouTube videos. ISIS has a viral marketing campaign better than most tech startup companies. They use Youtube to provide inspirational content to young men who lack purpose and identity. It shows chivalry, honor, brotherhood and freedom. These are all beliefs the average person can relate to. Now, stick a struggling teen in front of YouTube and that’s how you get recruits. ISIS is not exactly a big player in real-life Game of Thrones, however, they are making a dent. Their impact might not be immediate, but if these YouTube videos are any evidence, then it might have a lasting impact for years to come.