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What is Area 51? If you are that sole Amish reader who just woke up from the hibernation mode, there chances you don’t know. Area 51 is a highly secretive base in Nevada. The U.S. base is famous for its mysterious research on aliens and UFO. 

How to Find Area 51 on Google Earth?

To find the base on Google Earth, you should follow the coordinates: 115 degrees 48 minutes west longitude and 37 degrees 14 minutes north latitude

What Does Google Earth Tell Us about Area 51? Youtube Finds 30 meter UFOs

In this Youtube video, Scott Waring is sharing his knowledge of Area 51 event. The famous Youtuber shows several UFOs parked in the hangar of the base. The old screenshots (from Google Earth) are compared to the new ones.

Bill Clinton Talks about Area 51

While the former president claims there are no aliens on the base (or perhaps underneath the base as it was stated in the Roswell papers), he believes that aliens exist, and if they visited Earth, he wouldn’t be surprised. It’s a possibility.

Former Russian President Talks about Aliens on Earth

Do Aliens exist? Did Aliens visit Earth? According to the former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, aliens are not only reality, but they live on Earth. In his interview with REN TV, the former president told the journalists about the existence of “Special Folder” that contains Top Secret information about extraterrestrials. The folder contains all files and cases connected to the aliens who visited our planet. Medvedev suggests that interested UFOlogists watch the documentary “Men in Black” that is based on true events…

Weird Google Earth Site Features Snapshots of UFO

The website Weird Google Earth has a collection of many screenshots associated with UFO and Aliens. Not only Area 51 is full of “Alien Life.” You can find mysterious spots in multiple corners of the globe. All it takes is a little bit of curiosity.