YouTube Trashes Hulu: Top 3 Reasons

What do we know about Hulu? It’s a fast-growing video streaming service on the internet. Unlike Youtube, Hulu features only full-length shows from popular media channels. And from the business standpoint, it’s doing quite great… But what about the users? Are they all happy about the quality of the service. Let’s take a look at these 3 Youtube videos.

Number 1: Mandatory Services

In this video, Gamer Nick Inc. explains how Hulu forces its readers to sign up for the paid services. You can’t watch a missed episode of your favorite show unless you wait for 8 days. The paid feature made a lot of people disappointed.

Number 2: Pausing Issues

In this Youtube video, you can clearly see how glitchy Hulu gets at times. Some users claim that the video streaming gets impossible every evening at around 6pm pst. The videos start pausing every few seconds.

Number 3: Loading Issues

Some videos just don’t load. In this Youtube video, you can see how unsustainable the Service gets.

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