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Are you interested in multiple perks of online banks? Here is the second part of “top 10 best online banks.”

Best Online Bank 6: FNBO Direct

FNBO Direct doesn’t charge maintenance fee and it offers 24/7 phone support. Although the bank’s rating is 5 stars (out of 5), FNBO Direct’s one-year CD is mere 0.31 percent.

The bank charges no maintenance fee and the checking account offers 0.65 percent APY. To create an account you will need your SS number, ID, and the employment information.

Best Online Bank 7: State Farm Bank

The bank offers the lowest yields of 0.10% percent APY and one-year CD. Although it provides more customer service features compared to other online banks. An additional bonus includes up to $10 in rebates per statement cycle for fees charged by other banks.

It will take you about 5-10 minutes to open an account in State Farm Bank. Just visit the bank’s website, provide you SS number and the contact information. It’s that simple.

Best Online Bank 8: Synchrony Bank

The bank offers the highest savings and CD rates among the top online banks: 1.05 percent APY on the savings account and 1.25 percent APY on the CD. There is, however, a $5 monthly fee if your balance is low. Also, the CD requires a $2,000 balance. The bank doesn’t offer a mobile app, but the 24/7 phone support and remote check deposit service.

To make an account you’ll need to provide the bank with your DOB, SS number, and valid ID.

Best Online Bank 9: First Internet Bank

The bank offers a competitive 1.11% APY on its one-year CD. But, the APY on its free savings account is mere 0.40 percent. Also, the phone customer support is not 24/7, however, Best Online Bank has a mobile app.

The bank offers no-fee checking accounts, but you’ll be required to pay a $10 monthly fee. The minimum deposit to open your bank account is $25.

To open an account, you will have to provide the bank with some personal information.

Best Online Bank 10: Nationwide Bank

The bank offers a 1.05% APY on its 12-month CD. Although its savings account yields are mere 0.30 percent APY. The bank charges a monthly fee if the customer doesn’t meet certain criteria.

It is the only bank that helps its customers jump through some hoops: using direct deposit and maintaining a minimum balance, which helps the customers avoid monthly fees. The bank requires a monthly balance of at least $300 to avoid such fees.

As a customer, you will have access to more than 76,000 ATM machines. The bank also has an app but doesn’t offer 24/7 phone customer service.

To join the bank, you will need to provide the Nationwide with your contact information, DOB, and SS number.