Top 10 Stupid Business Ideas That Worked (Part 2)

Stupid ideas are very much possible to evolve into a serious business venture. A once-laughable business concept often made its inventor get the last laugh. Here is the second part of top ten Stupid Business Ideas That Worked.

Stupid Idea Number Six: Doggles

Who would imagine that goggles for dogs (doggles) would be trendy some day? Well, the company behind this bold idea not only succeded but was featured on major media channels such as CNN, The Today Show and National Geographic.

Stupid Idea Number Seven: Exercise Cards

If the U.S. Army had the “Iraq’s Most Wanted” playing cards, why not create a version for lazy civilians? Ex-Navy SEAL Phil Black did just that turning his revenues to $4.7 million in just one year.

Stupid Idea Number Eight: Working Vacations

The company Vocation Vacations offers working individuals to spend their priceless free time to try something new, a different job. Who knows, maybe you want to have your own business or just try something new and see if it’s your dream job. Launched in 2004, the firm offers over 125 unique opportunities to “test out”.

Stupid Idea Number Nine: Santa Mail

People say that Christmas is no longer as holy as it used to be. We see commercials with Santa Claus and a countless number of toys for sale.

Well, this idea certainly beats any commercialized concept. The company SantaMail offers you to register a postal address at The North Pole, Alaska for $10. Now you can send your innocent child a letter from a fake Santa Claus.

It’s unbelievable, but over 200,000 parents did just that, which brought the company around $2 million in profits.

Stupid Idea Number Ten: Tanks with no Fish

Similar to “Pet Rock”, the company Ecosphere Closed Ecosystem sells aquariums without the fish. Each container has a self-sustaining ecosystem that requires no attention.


The market is full of “useless” best-sellers. To earn cash, all you need is a fun factor and sheer stupidity. Anything can be sold if you market it properly. Whatever it is, the market is always there for your stupid business concept, one that may turn you into a millionaire.