Why Donald Trump May Be Assassinated (Part 1)

No other presidential candidate has stirred so much emotion, hate and violence as Donald. For this reason, I believe he is in grave danger of being assassinated in the near future. Protestors have even resorted to violence against Trump supporters on many occasions.

This is insanity, to say the least. Trump protestors are going out of their way to assault people just because they believe something different than they do. How seriously f****d is this country if you can’t go out and share beliefs for fear of being attacked? You really have to ask the question, if protestors are already attacking Trump supporters, what are they willing to do with Trump, especially if it seems like he will be our next President? I’m sure there are many people out there who would like to see him dead and you can be sure there’s some psychotic enough out there to actually do it. And you have to remember all the violence you just saw was happening during the Primaries; just imagine the madness of the general elections.

Going off the media’s portrayal of Donald Trump has been warranted at times when he says something stupid but a good portion of it has been unfair and certainly biased. Not only has it been unfair but the comparisons and similarities associated with Donald Trump are downright dangerous and possibly threatening to his life.

These are only a few of the many times Donald Trump has been compared to Hitler. And, of course, who is bringing more publicity to this nasty comparison? Mainstream media like CNN, Fox News, CBS, the New York Times and many others. The argument that Trump is somehow the next Hitler is so disgusting and insulting to the descendants of people who died in the holocaust. How is he comparable to Hitler at all? Does he plan to set up concentration camps and kill six million Jews while in the office of President? Of course not, but the argument itself shows just how disgraceful and shameless some people are becoming in order to try and ensure that Trump does not win the presidency. Not only is the comparison a repulsive accusation, the media is also making Trump an even bigger target for an assassination. They are almost giving a free pass to anyone who doesn’t like Trump to kill him. Otherwise, he is going to be the next Adolf Hitler. Thus, anybody who does assassinate Trump will be the hero who prevented the next Hitler and the next holocaust.

In this day and age people are so desperate to be recognized and important, especially if their whole life has been just the opposite of that. Psychopaths who feel like they’ve been denied importance their whole life may see assassinating Trump as their path to greatness and recognition among the millions of people who hate him. To most people, it’s obviously just a tasteless comparison. But there are still tons of people out there who have been indoctrinated into the idea that Trump must be killed. Just look at the thousands of folks who every day plead and beg for someone to assassinate Trump. This is just a fraction of what is said every day on social media and the hashtag “killTrump”, has also become more commonplace on Twitter. How long until someone decides to take matters into their own hands and assassinate Trump thinking they are doing the world a favor by killing the next Hitler and thereby receiving praise from the mass of people on social media calling for his death.