Hillary Clinton - Terrible Person (Part 3)

Henry Kissinger – Hillary Clinton’s Mentor

Henry Kissinger was a former national security adviser and Secretary of State during the late 60’s and 70’s. In 2014 Hillary Clinton reviewed Kissinger’s new world order book and called him a friend whose counsel she had relied on. A friend is a bit of an understatement, the two regularly take winter holidays together with his wife Nancy in the Dominican Republic. The two are very very good friends and share many of the same ideologies and practices. Greg Grandin, a history professor at the New York University, summed up Henry Kissinger quite nicely.

  1. Kissinger prolonged the Vietnam War for five pointless years.
  2. He illegally bombed Cambodia and Laos.
  3. Goaded Nixon to wiretap staffers and journalists,
  4. Bore responsibility for three genocides in Cambodia, East Timor, and Bangladesh.
  5. Urged Nixon went after Daniel Ellsberg for having released the Pentagon papers which set off a chain of events that brought down the Nixon White House.
  6. Pumped up Pakistan’s ISI and encouraged it to use political Islam to destabilize Afghanistan.
  7. Began the US’s arms-for-petrodollars dependency with Saudi Arabia and pre-revolutionary Iran.
  8. Accelerated needless civil wars in Southern Africa that in the name of the supporting white supremacy left millions dead.
  9. Supported coups and death squads throughout Latin America and ingratiated himself within the first generations of Neocons such as Dick Cheney and Paul Wolfowitz, who had taken American militarism into its next calamitous level.

If that wasn’t enough, here are some terrible quotes by Henry Kissinger that were recently released by WikiLeaks.

“The emigration of Jews from the Soviet Union is not an objective of American foreign policy. And if they put Jews into gas chambers in the Soviet Union, it is not an American concern, maybe a humanitarian concern.”

“How many people did Khmer Rouge Foreign Minister Leng Sary kill? Tens of thousands? You tell the Cambodians, I the Khmer Rouge, that we will be friends with them. They are murderous thugs but we won’t let that stand in the way. We are prepared to improve relations with them. Tell them the latter part but don’t tell them what I said before.”

“It is an act of insanity and national humiliation to have a law prohibiting the President from ordering the assassination. I don’t see why we need to stand by and watch a country go communist due to the irresponsibility of its people. The issues are much too important for the Chilean voters to be left to decide for themselves.”

“The illegal we do immediately, the unconstitutional takes a little longer.”

And Hillary Clinton even admits that she takes advice from that f*****g guy! Unbelievable!