CNN is known for its dubious reputation. While some folks believe that CNN is a good example of a fake news channel, the others consider this media network to be one of the greatest in history. The history of CNN is full of epic moments and epic people. In this post, I will mention the top 4 most stupid CNN hosts of all time (my own opinion).

Stupid CNN Hosts:

Bill Maher

Bill Maher is a great comedian who has distinct charisma and a good sense of humor. Despite all these nice qualities, he doesn’t seem to be smart enough, especially when it comes to discussing serious topics like politics and religion.

In one of his monologs, Maher blamed the Islamic world for mistreating women. His general statements regarding Muslims were factually incorrect and, frankly, stupid. Another example of Maher’s stupidity included his speech during the pre-election period. In his statements, Bill delivered an idea of himself believing in the greatness of dictatorship. In addition, Bill stated that he believes Meryl Streep would be a better decision maker than 35% of the American voters.

Brooke Baldwin

Brooke Baldwin falsely stated that there are term limits for all members of Congress. Apparently, CNN anchors have no brains when their teleprompters are not working.

Alisyn Camerota

In an attempt to discredit Ben Carson, Alisyn Camerota tried to use diverting tactics. The stupid CNN anchor made false statements about Carson’s past, which ultimately put her in a vulnerable position. Not only did Ben Carson quickly spot what was going on, but made sure to destroy Camerota badly on Live TV.

Elizabeth Cohen

While touching the topic of Obamacare, Elizabeth Cohen outlined how little she knew about the affordable healthcare plan. In her statements, the CNN anchor demonstrated the highest level of stupidity. Cohen mentioned the benefits of “free stuff” associated with the healthcare plan. Perhaps, the stupid CNN anchor didn’t know that increased taxes and premiums are the outcomes of Obamacare. Nothing is free.

Top 4 Most Stupid CNN Hosts (my own opinion)