Earlier today, I was walking down the street in Brooklyn where I stumbled upon an exploded store. Someone had set fire to a deli that belonged to Muslim people; an Islamic center was on the second floor of the building. I am speechless. What’s going on with Muslims in America?

What’s going on with Muslims in America?
Destroyed Muslim deli in Brooklyn, New York
What’s going on with Muslims in America?
Side view of destroyed Muslim deli in Brooklyn, New York
What’s going on with Muslims in America?
Islamic Center above the destroyed Muslim deli

The Problem of Americans

We tend to place certain labels on people: Muslims, Gays, Blacks, etc. Such an approach is common in America. According to ZeroHedge, 75% of Americans don’t know where Israel, Syria, Iraq, and Iran are located on a map. Despite their ignorance, their obvious lack of knowledge does not deter this group of people from developing strong feelings of hate towards one group of people or another.

Take an average American who reads no books and watches nothing but CNN and Fox News. Is it easy to make such a “buffalo” believe that Muslims in America are bad?

Muslims in My Life

My daily life is full of Muslim people. I buy coffee at a Muslim store almost every day. My uncle, my Christian aunt’s husband, is a Muslim. My cousin, the son of my Muslim uncle, is also a Muslim. The rest of my entire family consists of Christians.

The Muslim people who I know are friendly, diligent, and intelligent. What I see on TV is some sort of invented version of reality from the outside universe.

The Future of Muslims in America

In September of 2016, Donald Trump went to a black church to strengthen his relationship with the black community. It was a very brave act. It deserved a lot of respect. Can he do something similar with the Muslim community? President Trump can take a moment to visit one of the thousands of mosques in the United States, and deliver a message to strengthen his relationship with Muslims in America.

We, the People of the United States, form a Union, establish Justice, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity. Each of us has a right to peacefully live in this country. Let’s have peace with each other.