It looked like homosexuals were about to be accepted by the religious community. However, the world took a few steps back in progress. The usually open-minded Pope Francis spoke recently regarding his thoughts on same-sex marriage. The results were less than encouraging for gays. Are Gays Evil?


Pope Francis touched on various social issues in the community, including the topics of divorce and same-sex marriage. The Pope encouraged the religious community to embrace sinners as well as saints and offer forgiveness to divorced Catholics. Catholics who experienced divorce and re-marriage were always barred from the Holy Communion. Their new acceptance shows the church is changing. At least, in some ways. For gays, discrimination is still present. In his statement, the Pope fiercely rejected same-sex marriage.

The Joy Of Love and Societal Attitudes Toward Homosexuality

The Pope issued a new 256-page document called “The Joy of Love.” Among his opinion on forgiving divorcees, the Pope also wrote about encouraging sex education. The joy of love should be embraced if it is between a man and woman. He didn’t exactly say that, but it sure seems that way. In the entire chapter dedicated to love, Pope Francis filled the pages with ambiguity.¬†In the document, the Pope stated that gays are not able to understand the plan that God has for humanity.


Previously, gays embraced Pope Francis for his declarations. The Pope’s latest thoughts in “The Joy of Love” have changed that. The anticipated document fell short of the community’s expectations. Pope Francis is still the most liberal Pope in quite some time, but Catholicism looks like it doesn’t have much room for LGBT.

Let’s see if such a perception changes over time. Pope Francis is not the first and certainly not the last church leader.

Are Gays Evil? Societal Attitudes Toward Homosexuality