Love. Respect. Equality. These are the three most important components in our life. We all want to thrive. And it’s only possible when we feel comfortable. Also, love is contagious. The more you give, the more you get. Below is the list of Top 3 Most Inspirational Anti Racism Videos.

Kids are pure

After watching this Youtube video I started feeling sort of proud of our youth; the next generation is distinctively smarter and kinder than us. I am glad that we, humans, become more humane and accepting.

Muslims Are Us Video

Watch this video from beginning to end, and you will surely have goosebumps. No matter what they say, Muslim people are just like us. We should respect these individuals and make them feel comfortable.

White B***h

This video is rather funny. Please don’t get offended if you are a white lady. This video has a valid point. And I simply wanted to make you smile. Let’s all respect and understand each other. Black-white-yellow-red, we all are humans with our unique talents and opportunities in life.