It’s always fun to read stories about secret dealings of the government agencies. But what do we actually know about CIA and FBI? What is the reality behind fancy titles of the most powerful agencies in the world? For those of you who want to get access to the backdoor of the government agencies, we’ve made a list of top 5 CIA and FBI books to explore.

The FBI Career Guide – How to Get Chosen and Succeed

In this book, you will find what exactly the Agency is seeking in its candidates. It’s a guide for those of you who want to become an FBI agent someday.

Enemies and History of FBI

This book is about a long history of dangerous events faced by the agency.

Former CIA Officer and Survival Techniques

In this book, the former agent reveals secret CIA tactics you can use as a civilian in your everyday life. Some of the techniques include escaping handcuffs, picking locks, and spotting when someone is lying. From making emergency kits to creating self-defence weapons, you will learn everything.

History of CIA – Legacy of Ashes

This book reveals the truth behind the CIA. The book uncovers the struggles of the former Agency’s directors and challenges those people faced. The book uncovers the most profound failures of the agency and how these failures jeopardized the national security.

FBI CIA and UFO: UFO Activities in the USA

This book offers you access to the real X-Files. You will learn about real UFO cases. The book offers a collection of facts obtained from Air Force officials and American civilians. The author of the book Dr. Bruce Maccabee is one of the most respected voices in UFO research. His stories are based on true events. The book is one of the top bestsellers on the market so far.

Clapway – Augmented Reality Facts