Some people think that Edward Snowden is a patriot and a hero in the modern history. The others depict him as a traitor who exposed the secrets of the United States. While Snowden is indeed a vivid persona, there are a lot of facts behind the famous computer specialist. Below is the list of 5 things you didn’t know about Edward Snowden.

1. Edward Snowden is a high school dropout

Snowden was not the perfect student in school. The Maryland native was not able to attend classes due to mononucleosis problems he experiences at that time. He took the necessary credits after attending a community college.

2. Snowden Served in the Army for Less than Half a Year

Edward Snowden broke both of his legs during one of the Special Forces trainings. Because of that accident, Edward was discharged.

3. Snowden Loves Anime

As a teenager, Edward Snowden was fond of the Japanese culture. As a result, he worked for some Anime company in the U.S., and dreamed about visiting Tokyo.

4. Work for CIA

After working for the CIA in Switzerland, Snowden started thinking about exposing the government secrets. According to Edward, the CIA agents purposely made a Swiss banker drunk to get him arrested. Shortly after the arrest, an undercover agent bailed the banker out to get him indebted.

5. The Way to Iceland

Snowden was planning to seek an asylum in Iceland. It was the whistleblower’s top choice. After the Snowden’s passport was revoked, it left him with the only one option left – Moscow. Edward Snowden is still full of hope to obtain an Icelandic citizenship.

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