Hitler Had a Baby Penis: Fuhrer May Have Had ‘Hypospadias’ and a Micro Penis

Adolf Hitler had secret genital deformity called hypospadias. Could Adolf Hitler have had a genital defect that played a role in his cruel ways?

According to historians writing a book about his last days, Hitler has long been suspected to have had right side cryptorchidism defect where one of his testicles didn’t drop. As if that wasn’t troubling enough for him, newly discovered medical records show he may have also suffered from penile hypospadias. It is a condition where the urinary opening isn’t located on the head of the penis but on the underside of the shaft; either near the head or in rare cases by the base.

Hitler Peed Like a Boss

Hypospadias supposedly affects about one in 250 males so it’s not as uncommon as one might think. Still, the condition may have prevented him from sitting down when he peed due to spraying. In addition, his micro penis might have also played a role in his low sex drive. Apparently, he was also paranoid that in death his body may have been found by his enemies and ridiculed. Sounds like he had a lot of issues down there.

Doctors Gave Adolf Hitler Cocaine

Hitler’s doctors used to give him hormones and vitamins and cocaine to boost his sex drive. All of this could surely affect a man’s sense of his own manliness, right? But is there a correlation here between his insecurities and his special brand of madness?