Number 10: Vladimir Putin Grew up in a Communal Apartment

Putin grew up very poor with three entire families in an apartment in St. Petersburg. Russian President even remembers hunting rats in his apartment stairwell.

Number 9: Siege of Leningrad

Vladimir Putin’s mother survived the siege of Leningrad. From 1941 to 1944 German troops siege Leningrad aiming to starve the cities inhabitants. Putin’s mother survived the siege, however, 1 million others died. Putin’s older brother was amongst them.

Number 8: ‘Real Proletarian’

Vladimir’s father was a real proletarian. Putin’s childhood friend, Sergei Roldulgin, said Putin’s father loved his son but always found some fault in him. He was always afraid to seem too indulgent. As a result, Vladimir grew up without many material possessions.

Number 7: Judo Master

Russian President studied Judo to keep his place in the pack. When Putin was a rather slight teenager, he realized his peers started growing faster than him. That was the reason why Putin started learning Judo. He wanted to win the many fists fights he would later find himself in when he was younger.

Number 6: KGB Secret

Vladimir told his wife shortly before their marriage that he worked for the KGB.

Number 5: English Guru

Putin speaks English perfectly, so well that he has personally addressed the International Exhibitions Bureau. Some day Vladimir even sang in English before crowds.

Number 4: Hockey Player

Vladimir Putin is a pretty good ice hockey player. Despite the hours of work required to be the President of Russia, Putin somehow finds time to hit the Ice rink. He has even played against a professional team once or twice.

Number 3: The Beatles

Russian President likes The Beatles. It turns out that Putin’s favorite Beatle was Paul. Believe it or not ‘back in the USSR’ is not his favorite song. He loves ‘Yesterday’ because of its melancholy.

Number 2: Public Humiliation

Russian President has humiliated his opponents publicly a number of times. For example, he once threatened the oil tycoon, Mikhail Khodorkovsky, with a tax investigation on live television from the Kremlin. Khodorkovsky was arrested shortly after the broadcast.

Number 1: Dogs

Vladimir Putin loves dogs. Despite the macho image Russian President puts on for the press, he is the proud owner of a Labrador Retriever. Putin has even been photographed cuddling a dog or two.