There numerous of gay athletes, businessmen, and politicians. Some are open about their sexual orientation and some are not. In this article, we’ve compiled a list of 5 Anti-Gay Politicians that Were Caught Being Gay.

Gay Politician No 5: Phillip Hinkle

Phillip Hinkle is the Indiana State representative who voted to pass a constitutional amendment defining marriage as something between a man and a woman… In the end, Phillip was caught trying to bribe a young male who he met on Craigslist for sexual favors.

The Indi Star reported that the emails were sent from Hinkle’s publicly listed personal address. In the emails, the politician asked the young man to spend a couple of hours with him that night for $50 – $60 in cash upfront. The young man told the Star that they had met but he tried to leave quickly after he learned that Phillip Hinkle was a state lawmaker. After the night was over, Hinkle gave the young man an iPad, a Blackberry cell phone, and a hundred dollars in cash to keep quiet.

Gay Politician No 4: Mark Foley

This man was formerly in charge of an organization that dealt with sexually assaulted children. He was caught having illegal online conversations with his former teenage interns.

Some time later, 2 media companies quoted former interns who said that they had sexual relations with Mr. Foley. Mark’s lawyers claimed that Foley never had inappropriate sex contact with minors in his life. It was also said that Foley is not a pedophile or homosexual. Mark Foley’s lawyer added that the Mark is, in fact, gay… Perhaps, Mark Foley’s homosexuality had been an open secret in Washington for many years.

Gay Politician No 3: Bob Allen

Border State representative Bob Allen was arrested for offering to perform fellatio to an undercover cop in the men’s room for $20. The politician backed himself up by saying that he only offered the policeman oral sex because he was afraid of black people and didn’t want to become a statistic. Statistics show that Allen who was married and had children has always voted against LGBT rights legislation. Bob’s voting record had over 90% percent in line with the Christian Coalition in support of the anti-gay amendment.

Gay Politician No 2: David Dreier

David Dreier is a Republican member of the House of Representatives. He voted against gay marriage rights, gay legal rights, and gay adoption rights. Dreier has been accused of having sex with male members of his staff. He even paid his alleged boyfriend a high salary, just like any politically corrupt boyfriend should. Hypocritical as always, he has since denied any mentions on his homosexuality altogether. When David almost became a majority leader in the house, he was denied a position by most right-wing Republican to the Senate due to his true beliefs… When asked if David Dreier was passed over job due to his moderate views, openly gay democrat congressman Barney Frank told the press: ‘yes, in the sense that I marched in the moderate pride parade last summer and went to a moderate bar.’

Gay Politician No 1: Randy Boehning

North Dakota legislator Randy Boehning was caught on Grindr, a LGBT dating hookup app. Boehning voted against North Dakota Senate bill 2279 in the anti-discrimination bill in the same month he sent unsolicited photos junk to a 21-year-old Smith, using the name top man Boehning. Boehning was an active massage on Grindr. When he first audited, he refused to comment on the situation but weeks later admitted that he used the site. Claiming a lapse in judgment, Boehning said that’s what gay guys do on the sites, don’t they? That’s how things happen on Grindr. The former lawmaker believed that he was targeted out because of the way he voted on the bill. Randy said that many of his family members and friends did not know that he is gay.