I strongly believe an assassination by a crazy person is definitely not the only threat Donald Trump faces. He is the first anti-establishment candidate who is not a career politician like the rest of them. Especially considering the fact that he is a billionaire. He can’t be bought out like Hillary Clinton, posing a big problem to the titans of industry and the ruling elite. And when was the last time we had a President like that? Yep, John F Kennedy.

Now, by no means, I am not comparing Kennedy’s unshakable honesty and integrity to that of Trump’s, as they are definitely worlds apart. But the fact remains that Trump can’t be bought out, as same as JFK. And that may turn some people off by saying this, but I absolutely believe John F. Kennedy was murdered by people in positions of power within the government, working in collusion with titans of industry.

Donald Trump, JFK, and CIA

JFK wanted to pull off all the troops from Vietnam, end the arms race with the Soviet Union and smashed the CIA into a thousand pieces. He pissed off a lot of people and in the end was killed for his desire to put an end to the military industrial complex. Military defense contractors, bankers, oil giants and the CIA all had so much to gain from his death and so much to lose from him continuing to be President. I’m not going to go into any more detail concerning the reasons behind his assassination and how they went about doing it but if you don’t believe me, take it from President Eisenhower.

Bringing this whole thing back full circle, I believe Donald Trump has said a lot of crazy things but I also believe that he does not want more war or involvement in conflicts that have nothing to do with us. Let’s take a look at this interview with Trump before he started running for president.

Donald is not being paid off by any oil companies, defense contractors or bankers who want the military industrial complex to keep going as it has for almost a century now. I strongly believe the ruling elite are very scared of him, just like they were scared of JFK.

Donald Trump Reveals Secrets of 911 Commission

On top of all this, Trump has promised to declassify the 28 secret pages in the 911 commission, an act that could prove extremely troublesome to many people. Once you start putting everything together, it is clear that he’s already made a number of very powerful enemies and he could potentially cost billions to people who have been paying off politicians for decades. With all this being said, an assassination is definitely in the realm of possibility to ensure he doesn’t become president or only stays in the position for a very short period of time. Whatever the case, Donald Trump is, without a doubt, the most hated man in America right now. So he better keep wearing that bulletproof vest.