To get a better understanding of what Hillary Clinton really stands for and what kind of policy she will enact if elected as President, you have to look at the presidency of Bill Clinton. Hillary was side by side the entire time and campaigned for many of his policies. Her views on these topics haven’t changed much since then. Hillary’s just gotten better at lying to garner public support.

Hillary Clinton Criminalizing the Poor

Clinton’s organized effort against gangs went too far suggesting that poor children are not just gangs of kids anymore. They are often the kinds of kids that are called super predators. No conscience, no empathy.

In 1944, Bill Clinton signed the violent crime control and law enforcement act, which was a single largest crime bill in history. Hillary Clinton was right next to him, promoting the bill as the best way to clean up the streets and bring the super predators to heal. It allocated 10 billion for prison constitution, expanded the death penalty, and eliminated federal funding for inmate education. This single-handed ushered in the new era of mass incarceration for nonviolent offenses such as marijuana possession. If Hillary was in office she would have done the exact same thing, not helping your case at all. Hillary Clinton has been linked to the private for-profit prison industry for years and only recently cut ties because of the public outrage.

Bill and Hillary Clinton Destroyed Welfare

In addition to the violent crime control law enforcement act, the Clintons also passed the 1996 welfare reform bill, which turned the program into an exclusive and unequal cash disbursement system that has had terrible long-lasting consequences. Bernie Senders even spoke about this, saying that he didn’t vote for the bill but Hillary was one of his biggest proponents, going around and helping to round up support for the bill.