Hillary Clinton is a terrible human according to Secret Services. One day, a secret service agent saw Hillary Clinton stepping out into the hallway. He said pretty normally ‘good morning, mam’. You might think that she would say hello or good morning , but no, she says ‘fuck off.’ And this one would not even be a big of a deal if it was a one-time thing or she was just having a really horrible day. But by all accounts, this is just normal Hillary Clinton when the cameras turn off. Ronald Kessler’s book ‘First Family Detail’ shares the going ons of the American presidents and their families through the eyes and ears of active and retired secret service agents. Kessler exposed Hillary saying that when in public Hillary smiles and acts graciously but as soon as the cameras are gone, her angry personality, nastiness, and imperiousness become evident. Secret Service agents consider being assigned to Hillary as a form of punishment, Kessler concludes. In fact, the agency being on Hillary Clinton detail is the worst duty assignment in the Secret Service.

Basket of Deplorables

While running for the US Senate, Hillary stopped at upstate New York club, as one secret service agent said. Hillary saw farmers and cows that erupted. She turned to a staffer and said ‘What the f**k did we come here for? There is no money here.’ Kessler isn’t the only one who has written about Hillary Clinton lack of character. Gary Burn, a retired secret service agent, confirmed Kessler’s statement. Working with Hillary Clinton was a form of punishment handed down by passive aggressive middle management. Burn said that most of the agents needed to brace for her inevitable eruptions. They didn’t happen every day but behind closed doors, people learned about them quickly. In public Hillary Clinton is everyone’s best friend, privately she is her normal self.